Soloist Piano and Orchestra Conducting master class

From 20 to 26 July in Foligno (Italy)


Six monthes masterclass in "orchestra conducting"

Master class is divided into twelve lessons fron Genuary to June 2019, and it turns both to beginners and both to young conductors already in career. From learning of basic technique to score's analysis, each lesson will develope a symphonic period in deep. During master class, there'll be scholarships for best students, and the opportunity to conduct many instrumental ensembles, from quartet to symphony orchestra.
Scuola Civica delle Arti,  Roma, via Bari 22


One-Year "Soloist with Orchestra" masterclass

One-Year "Soloist with Orchestra" masterclass for students who want to discover and practice their soloistic repertoire


New website for Luciano Bellini

A new website for Luciano Bellini is online starting from today.


master class

From 15 to 22 July, Luciano leads a piano master class during International Musical Courses in Chianciano Terme